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Landmark surgery:World’s tiniest baby, with heart complications saved

The baby weighed just 470 grams at birth. He was only the size of a palm, and was born prematurely after 28 weeks of pregnancy. After 15 days since birth, the baby underwent a heart surgery, becoming the tiniest miracle baby to undergo a PDA corrective operation.

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Dr. Sanajy Gandhi Miracle New Born baby successful heart surgery

MIRACULOUS SURVIVAL: Newborn baby weighing just ONE POUND survives heart surgery at two-weeks-old

The unnamed newborn, measuring the length of a palm, has become the world’s tiniest baby to have successful heart surgery. Team of doctors, including Dr. Sunil Jangid and Dr. Sanjay Gandhi, performed the unbelievable milestone surgery at Geetanjali Medical College and Hospital in Eklingpura, India.

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Dr. Sanjay Gandhi World's tiniest baby 470 grams survives heart surgery
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Best Cardiac Surgeon in Rajasthan
Best Cardiac Surgeon in Rajasthan

Case detail:
After coming from Ahmedabad, in Udaipur We have done several heart surgeries in last 8 to 9 years.
Sometime the cases are so rare & complex which needs immediate surgery otherwise we can loose the patient.
Similar kind of rare case came across few days before where patient from Salumbar age 42 was having symptom of heavy chest pain and was already a known case of Aortic Aneurysm.

On further investigation found to have Aortic Dissection of the aneurysm. (main artery of heart which we call “Ascending Aorta 🫀” got blasted internally.
Adding to the complexity the patient was COVID-19 + and got the treatment for same as well.
These kind of patients needs immediate BP controlling followed with emergency operation which lasted for 10-12 hrs of duration, in medical term this kind of operations are known as “BENTALL’s OPERATION”.
With assistance of high competent medical team of GMCH the procedure was done successfully, patient recovered well and got discharged from hospital.

Patient is living healthy and happy life again.

Thanks to God , our entire team of Cardiac Sciences.